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Andrew-Lee Potts

Andrew-Lee Potts fans on livejournal

Andrew Lee Potts Fans on LiveJournal
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Welcome to the first and only (that I'm aware of) LJ community dedicated to British actor and short movie maker (check out Keychain Productions - and it's youtube channel - for more info on that) Andrew-Lee Potts!

You may know him from TV shows such as "Primeval" or "Strange" or movies such as "1408" (blink and you'll miss him!) or "Popcorn". Or maybe even one of the many other credits he has to his name. Check out his imdb entry here.

I was compelled to create this community when I wanted to find pictures of him and couldn't find anything - not a fansite or a community that I could see so I thought I'd create one.

Feel free to join and spread the word.
1: All posts must be related to Andrew-Lee Potts (or one of his characters), obviously.

2: No bashing other LJ users/actors/characters etc.

3: No invasion of Andrew-Lee Potts' privacy (including posts about his personal facebook etc). That will not be accepted here.

4: All spoilers must be clearly marked and behind a cut (just for clarification this is a UK based comm and anything about any episodes of "Primeval" - or any other show he's in - that have not yet aired in the UK are considered spoilers. Be considerate please)

5: Big pictures behind a cut please!

6: Fanfic about any and all characters played by Andrew-Lee Potts is accepted here. If you've written fanfic about "Strange" or "The Bunker" or "Primeval" or any other project Andrew has been in feel free to post it here as long as his character is actually in it.

7: Any graphics (icons, wallpapers etc) related to anything Andrew has starred in are allowed - as long as there are some icons of him. A few teasers and then the rest behind a cut please.
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Andrew Lee Potts Fan Club

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