Happy February

Hello everyone I've got some good news and some
sad news first Andrew has been invited to attend
the Starburst festval the second news is that Stanley
passed away 😢 I know how Andrew must feel he's had him
since he was a puppy any way here's some pics

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Happy New Years Eve

Hello everyone I'm trying to post once a month
so sorry for not being on here alot but I have
new pics.

I can't believe that Chimera is going to come out this year
in January I found a cute pic of Andrew and his son on
Facebook he said that that's Grayson's first snow 💜
the other two pics are from Honey Potts but one was
for one of the biddings he was doing on ebay
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Happy December everyone

Hello everyone I know it's been a long while since
I posted anything been busy most of the time but
I've got new pics of Andrew to share

These are from Andrew's Facebook page I couldn't help
it these are great pics
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My first of November post

Hey everyone in the ALP community so a lot has happened
these past few weeks of Andrew I'd like to share some
pics I have of course his b day came and he was at
the con when he turned 38 and got cup cakes again
plus Andrew has posted pics of Chestersberg

So the third one is when Andrew went to Loughborough comic con
with Hannah and Ben for a Primeval con. One more thing I really
love Andrew's jacket with the 🎃 he wore it last year too
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It's been a while

Hello ALP community I know it's been a while since
I posted to the community but there's been a lot
of stuff happening in my life any way I brought
some new pictures of Andrew :-)

So as you can see a lot of stuff happened Chimera started filming
Andrew and Hannah went to Amsterdam there was a fan pic and
today Andrew was hanging out with RJ from Breaking Bad.
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Happy Sunday

Hello everyone I know it's been a good while since I wrote
on here a lot has been happening any way I brought some
great pictures of Andrew to share with everyone :)

found out that Chimera will start filming in September
and will be released in Feb 1st 2018
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